Subject: Responding to a Fire Alarm

Stay calm. Do not panic when you hear the fire alarm. Also, it's important to stay quiet so you can hear any instructions. In fact, it's important to be quiet and calm the whole time the fire drill is happening, not just when it starts. Consider employing alternate nostril breathing to relax your body and mind, reduce… Continue reading Subject: Responding to a Fire Alarm

Stream of Consciousness at the Starbucks Overlooking Qurum Beach

  I am writing this blog post from a Starbucks patio overlooking the Qurum beach in Muscat, Oman—a sign warns not to swim in the ocean because the water is turbulent, cranes stand in the shallows waiting for something edible to pass underfoot, a couple fishing boats are in the distance trying to net the morning catch,… Continue reading Stream of Consciousness at the Starbucks Overlooking Qurum Beach