My Days in Doha (with My Sons)

A log of the two weeks my boys spent with me in Doha, Qatar over the 2018-19 winter break. 25 December – Christmas Day 5 minutes into the start of Christmas Day, my sons were scheduled to arrive at Hamad International Airport in Qatar. About 30-40 minutes after their plane touched down, they both emerged… Continue reading My Days in Doha (with My Sons)


Smoking Shisha from the Shore of a Muscat Beach Resort

The thatched-roof resort cabana that serves alcohol and shisha resides on the right side of the beach, near the cove wall, away from the family area. Excuse me, I would like to order one shisha. I’m sorry, sir, shisha not available until 6 o’clock, replies the Filipina bartender. That’s ok. I wait.   Nothing to do but lounge outside the cabana.… Continue reading Smoking Shisha from the Shore of a Muscat Beach Resort