“As I Was Riding the Escalator”

at Lagoona Mall, I thought I saw you.I was calmly resting against the rail inured to care in the daze of retail.Then a slender black skirt came into view,climbing the stairs, hurrying to get through.My eyes followed the advancing femalewhen her head turned, and a face stern and paleglanced at me like somebody she once knew...… Continue reading “As I Was Riding the Escalator”


Safety Tips before Leaving for Summer Vacation: A Sonnet

Lock all doors, double-check if OCDShut off gas to keep stove from explodingClose all windows and latch them properlyRemove all food to keep from decomposingSwitch off lights, fan, pump, and generatorRemove electronics from every socketShut down breakers—except the fridgerator'sStore your treasures in a safe and lock itDo not leave garbage inside your dwelling Pay your bills… Continue reading Safety Tips before Leaving for Summer Vacation: A Sonnet