The Drive

My first four days of writing for National Novel Writing Month, representing 6855 words and the first chapter of my novel. Feel free to leave comments below. It was the second week of December. The semester had finished early, and Collin Nguyen was driving to the Gulf of Mexico. He hadn’t made it that far.… Continue reading The Drive

10 Examples of the Passive Voice

A passive voice is a type of a clause or sentence in which an action (through verb), or an object of a sentence, is emphasized rather than its subject. Simply, the subject receives the action of the verb. The emphasis or focus is on the action, while the subject is not known or is less… Continue reading 10 Examples of the Passive Voice

10 Examples of the Future Perfect Continuous

The future perfect continuous, also sometimes called the future perfect progressive, is a verb tense that describes actions that will continue up until a point in the future. The future perfect continuous consists of will + have + been + the verb’s present participle (verb root + -ing).Grammarly, "Future Perfect Continuous" By the time you… Continue reading 10 Examples of the Future Perfect Continuous