Cover Letter of Quiet Desperation

To Whom It Possibly Perchance May Concern: I hate writing cover letters—not the writing part, the unspoken part, the oynx elephant in the room part, the part that we don’t talk directly about like my unfulfilling relationship that slowly killed me because we got together way too young and we were staying together for the… Continue reading Cover Letter of Quiet Desperation

Me. You. Oman.

Our paths crossed at work today. This the noon course meeting? Nope. Right time, wrong room. ok. thanks. bye. Your words like three cold electrons.   Last year, we spent our spring break swimming together in the green pools of Wadi Shaab. I coaxed you into its submerged cave. We held hands and jumped from a waterfall—   After that trip,… Continue reading Me. You. Oman.