Top 10 Posts from the Past Two Years

The other day, as I was preparing a new post for my blog, I noticed that WordPress had congratulated me on 100 blog posts. 100 posts? Seems like only yesterday that I arrived in Doha and started writing my original blog, My Days in Doha. In recognition of my 100 posts milestone, I thought that… Continue reading Top 10 Posts from the Past Two Years

How to Host a Low-Hassle Get-together

This weekend I hosted two get-togethers at my apartment. On Thursday night, some colleagues came to my place to watch movies. Then the next day, some more acquaintances came over for our bi-weekly roleplaying session. What my older friends know about me that my newer friends might not is that I thoroughly enjoy hosting gatherings.… Continue reading How to Host a Low-Hassle Get-together

7 Things That Happened to Me This Week That You Will Absolutely Not Believe!

This week I am playing with a Buzzfeed-style listicle to recap some of the highlights from my week. Please excuse the hyperbolic title and clickbait image. Enjoy! 😉 1. Received My Library Card from the Qatar National Library I am now the proud owner of a Qatar National Library card! I can check out four… Continue reading 7 Things That Happened to Me This Week That You Will Absolutely Not Believe!