Response Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend, Greetings! First, thank you for taking the time to handwrite me a letter—to receive a written correspondence nowadays is such a rarity. You could have easily emailed, texted, or instant messaged me, but you opted for the more old-fashioned mode of communication, and I appreciate that. Second, congratulations on your nuptials! I am… Continue reading Response Letter to a Friend


To My Grandmother (Who Would Have Been 103 on June 18)

Dear Grandma Mickey, It’s been some time since we talked. The last time we spoke was when I stopped by Mauston and left an invitation to Zylan’s graduation party on your grave. I believe you were at the party in spirit. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to say goodbye to you before I left… Continue reading To My Grandmother (Who Would Have Been 103 on June 18)

Letter to My Sons about the Importance of Travel

Dear boys, I hope that this letter finds you both in good spirits and with open minds, for the primary purpose of my writing is to provide you two with advice; so if either of you are in a sour mood or mad at me for whatever reason and not receptive to what I have… Continue reading Letter to My Sons about the Importance of Travel