São Paulo: Liberdade and Beco do Batman

Liberdade was known as Campo da Forca (Field of the Gallows) until the late 19th century, and was an area reserved for the execution of slaves and convicts. Death was considered the only path to liberty (liberdade) for slaves. [....] The Japanese presence in the neighborhood begun [sic] in 1912. One of the reasons for… Continue reading São Paulo: Liberdade and Beco do Batman

Photo-Essay of Three Summer Trips

After a couple month hiatus from blogging, I am having a difficult time resuming my writing routine—which is too bad because I traveled to three interesting destinations this summer and would like to share my stories and insights from these locales. So, for this post, in order to inch my way back into blogging, I… Continue reading Photo-Essay of Three Summer Trips