Beirut Weekend

I cannot say what I'm feelingDon't know how to moveI cannot share what I believe inI finally believe in youI've traveled many roadsAnd don't know where toNow my world is never changingIf there's anything I can dobenny blanco, Calvin Harris, & Miguel, "I Found You / Nilda’s Story"

The Corniche: A Short Screenplay

I. Setting: The scene takes place on the Doha Corniche. A MAN and a WOMAN are about to walk together.     [MAN] Ready to do this?   [WOMAN] Are YOU ready to do this, old man?     [MAN] Show a little respect for your elders. My generation gave the world Nirvana, Friends, Jurassic… Continue reading The Corniche: A Short Screenplay

Friday Morning Cruise through Doha

Friday, for Muslims, is a special prayer day, for this is the day of the Jumu’ah prayer, or the congregational prayer, typically held around noon. In Doha, government offices are closed on this day, and most of the shops will shut down from around 11am to 1pm to allow Muslims to gather for this commitment. Some mosques… Continue reading Friday Morning Cruise through Doha