Contingencies for Ugly Situations

I just completed the first week of my third academic year in Qatar, and things seem to be off to a good start. I don't teach until 2pm, and this past week I awoke at 5am every day. So, during my ample morning free time, I have been working out at the gym in my… Continue reading Contingencies for Ugly Situations


Memo with Recommended Goals before Turning 50

To: Conan Kmiecik From: Moirai Consultancy, LLC Date: 28 April 2018 Subject: Recommended Goals before Turning 50 By 22 November 2026, pending good health and avoidance of accidents, the client (Conan Kmiecik) will reach his fifth decade of life. The client, now in his fourth decade of life, has contracted the services of this consultancy… Continue reading Memo with Recommended Goals before Turning 50