Three Christmases

Christmas Past  After my sons’ mother and I separated, she became a Jevohah’s Witness, which meant it would be entirely up to me to celebrate all future birthdays and Christmases with them. That first Christmas I took my boys to my hometown of Ironwood, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. My plan was to take them… Continue reading Three Christmases


On Homesickness: Last Blog Post of 2017

Me when someone asks if I have been homesick Lying Cat: (nothing) Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and I will end 2017 in Doha. However, I have to work both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. There are exams that I need to invigilate at Qatar University. Invigilate is a British word which means… Continue reading On Homesickness: Last Blog Post of 2017