Christmas Break with the Boys

This is Chapter 9 for my attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy! After his trip to Chicago, Collin would have his sons during the entirety of their Christmas holiday. They would open presents at his mom’s house first in La Crosse. Then they would drive up north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and… Continue reading Christmas Break with the Boys

Three Christmases

Christmas Past  After my sons’ mother and I separated, she became a Jevohah’s Witness, which meant it would be entirely up to me to celebrate all future birthdays and Christmases with them. That first Christmas I took my boys to my hometown of Ironwood, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. My plan was to take them… Continue reading Three Christmases

On Homesickness: Last Blog Post of 2017

Me when someone asks if I have been homesick Lying Cat: (nothing) Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and I will end 2017 in Doha. However, I have to work both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. There are exams that I need to invigilate at Qatar University. Invigilate is a British word which means… Continue reading On Homesickness: Last Blog Post of 2017