Two Birds and One Palinode

Go bravelyaround the world like a bird that charts its own migratory path, sailing on undiscovered winds,roosting on its whims Be wary of the worldWorry about dropletsthat take flight on breath— migrating from you to me, him to her, them to usStay in your nest! Confront injustice:stand by those being attackedBirds of a feathermust fight the predatorsthat wish to consume weak… Continue reading Two Birds and One Palinode

The Cats of Istanbul (Plus Some Dogs and a Bird Too)

One of the things that stood out to me during my time in Istanbul was the number of cats (kediler) that peacefully inhabited the city. Cats. were. everywhere. Before visiting Istanbul, I knew that the city had cats because I watched a documentary called Kedi that was released several years ago. However, I didn’t realize the kindness… Continue reading The Cats of Istanbul (Plus Some Dogs and a Bird Too)