My Memories of Beirut

Last October, I cashed in some of my accrued airplane miles and traveled to Beirut, Lebanon for an extended weekend holiday. I was immediately enchanted by the city.  My first morning there, I walked along the Beirut promenade, lulled by the breeze off the Mediterranean Sea. Many Lebanese were out that morning as well. Young,… Continue reading My Memories of Beirut

Gemmayzeh: A Short Screenplay

I. Setting: A MAN is waiting at a coffee shop. A WOMAN shows up. He stands to greet her. They seem to be on a first date. [MAN]Hello! [WOMAN]Bonjour! [MAN]It’s nice to finally meet you.  [The MAN and WOMAN shake hands. Then they sit down.] [WOMAN]You as well. Tell me, do you still think you… Continue reading Gemmayzeh: A Short Screenplay

Beirut Weekend

I cannot say what I'm feelingDon't know how to moveI cannot share what I believe inI finally believe in youI've traveled many roadsAnd don't know where toNow my world is never changingIf there's anything I can dobenny blanco, Calvin Harris, & Miguel, "I Found You / Nilda’s Story"