São Paulo: Liberdade and Beco do Batman

Liberdade was known as Campo da Forca (Field of the Gallows) until the late 19th century, and was an area reserved for the execution of slaves and convicts. Death was considered the only path to liberty (liberdade) for slaves. [....] The Japanese presence in the neighborhood begun [sic] in 1912. One of the reasons for… Continue reading São Paulo: Liberdade and Beco do Batman

The Corniche: A Short Screenplay

I. Setting: The scene takes place on the Doha Corniche. A MAN and a WOMAN are about to walk together.     [MAN] Ready to do this?   [WOMAN] Are YOU ready to do this, old man?     [MAN] Show a little respect for your elders. My generation gave the world Nirvana, Friends, Jurassic… Continue reading The Corniche: A Short Screenplay