São Paulo: Jardim Botânico, Museum of Modern Art, and Farol Santander

Vi que era amorQuando te achei em mimE me perdi em vocêSomos verso e poesiaOutono e ventaniaPraia e carioca    [I saw it was love When I found you in me And I got lost in youWe are verse and poetry Autumn and wind Beach and carioca]Melim, "Dois Corações" [Two Hearts]

Experimenting with Adobe Lightroom

As many teachers know, at the end of the semester, when one has stacks upon stacks of exam or papers to grade, any task besides grading becomes considerable more interesting—cooking meals, shopping online, folding laundry, watering plants, calling distant family members, etc. Currently, I have been distracting myself by listening to a Zayn playlist, experimenting… Continue reading Experimenting with Adobe Lightroom