INFO: Congratulations! Your Student Loan Is Paid Off!

Dear CONAN, We are happy to report you have successfully completed full repayment of the student loan(s) listed above. Congratulations on reaching this exciting goal! We will now release you from your fitted yoke. Please keep this notification for your records. Details about your loan will remain in your online account for 13 months. Log… Continue reading INFO: Congratulations! Your Student Loan Is Paid Off!

Subject: Responding to a Fire Alarm

Stay calm. Do not panic when you hear the fire alarm. Also, it's important to stay quiet so you can hear any instructions. In fact, it's important to be quiet and calm the whole time the fire drill is happening, not just when it starts. Consider employing alternate nostril breathing to relax your body and mind, reduce… Continue reading Subject: Responding to a Fire Alarm

Springtime Amusement Park—Doha, Qatar

Yallah.Like a couple bandits, we hop over barricades, slip between the bumpers of stopped cars, and cut through construction sites to reach the Doha fairground.  Two illuminated prongs tower in the distance. I trod towards them. Your placid eyes follow me—easygoing and open to adventure, curious about the promises that I offer. Suddenly, between the… Continue reading Springtime Amusement Park—Doha, Qatar

Subject: Safety Tips to Guard against the Dust Storm

Image Source IMPORTANT! The Health Clinic advises faculty members to take the following safety precautions against dust storms which can pose health hazards such as sinus allergies, respiratory infections, and dystopic anxiety. Avoid going outside, especially during high winds or when visibility levels are low. If unavoidable, spend as little time outside as possible and… Continue reading Subject: Safety Tips to Guard against the Dust Storm

An Expat Lenten Calendar

Over last couple days, I have been thinking about different genres of writing. After the recent mass shooting tragedy in New Zealand, I spent some time exploring the genre and history of the manifesto, which led me to an interesting article in The Atlantic entitled "Manifestos: A Manifesto". Subsequently, I toyed with the idea of… Continue reading An Expat Lenten Calendar

Me. You. Oman.

Our paths crossed at work today. This the noon course meeting? Nope. Right time, wrong room. ok. thanks. bye. Your words like three cold electrons.   Last year, we spent our spring break swimming together in the green pools of Wadi Shaab. I coaxed you into its submerged cave. We held hands and jumped from a waterfall—   After that trip,… Continue reading Me. You. Oman.