What One Measures

What does one measure during one’s life? calories consumed, muscles massed, fat burnedminutes meditated, breaths taken, moments without thought classes attended, degrees earned, loan payments one has left to makehours clocked in, promotions earned, years left until one retires steps taken, miles logged, points accumulatedFacebook posts, Instagram likes, Twitter arguments books read, movies watched, concerts… Continue reading What One Measures

Quarantine Commencement Address

Class of 2020. Family and friends of graduating students. Teachers, support staff, and administrators. Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words during your commencement ceremony. I consider it a great honor to be addressing you on this momentous day, during an atypical period of history for this country and for the entire… Continue reading Quarantine Commencement Address

“No Walk in the Park!”: the Quarantine and Figures of Speech

The following is a writing exercise about the quarantine using 20 different types of figures of speech. For an explanation of any FoS that might be unfamiliar to you, please refer to the article that inspired my exercise. Alliteration: The quarantine quashed my quests to foreign locales for the foreseeable future. Anaphora: I want to… Continue reading “No Walk in the Park!”: the Quarantine and Figures of Speech

Conan’s Gantlet of Grammar

Gauntlet: "a strong glove with a long, loose wrist."Gantlet: "go through an intimidating or dangerous crowd or experience in order to reach a goal."Google Dictionary These are weird times. Currently, most of the world is some state of quarantine, and many people are practicing social distancing. Being cooped up in my apartment, teaching online several… Continue reading Conan’s Gantlet of Grammar

Response to Fwd: Global Health Advisory – Level 4 Do Not Travel, March 19, 2020

Hello Conan, I hope you are well. Are you considering returning to the U.S. given the DOS level 4 restrictions?   Whatever you do, I hope you are well-connected and keeping up your spirits! Best wishes, Friend ---------- Forwarded message --------- The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the… Continue reading Response to Fwd: Global Health Advisory – Level 4 Do Not Travel, March 19, 2020

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I am currently in the last semester of my three-year teaching contract at Qatar University. However, just before winter break, as I was making preparations for my trip to Vietnam, I was notified that I was being renewed for a second three-year teaching position at QU—I will be in Doha for the World Cup 2022.… Continue reading Looking Back, Looking Forward

Anecdotes from Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang

The Tao of Vietnamese Pedestrian Crossing After spending the past week in Vietnam, I have learned how to cross a busy street in the country. Most Vietnamese just step out and trust in Jesus, Buddha, or their ancestors that everything will work out. I’ve seen old ladies just walk out into traffic without looking, and… Continue reading Anecdotes from Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang