Daring and Lucky: My Summer Break Traveling during the Pandemic

Sunday, August 9 was the first workday of the semester. I had to appear on campus, sign a slip of paper verifying to the department that I was actually in the country, and (I almost forgot) fill out an online form verifying to the university that I was back from summer break. Normally, this would… Continue reading Daring and Lucky: My Summer Break Traveling during the Pandemic

My Memories of Beirut

Last October, I cashed in some of my accrued airplane miles and traveled to Beirut, Lebanon for an extended weekend holiday. I was immediately enchanted by the city.  My first morning there, I walked along the Beirut promenade, lulled by the breeze off the Mediterranean Sea. Many Lebanese were out that morning as well. Young,… Continue reading My Memories of Beirut

The Cats of Istanbul (Plus Some Dogs and a Bird Too)

One of the things that stood out to me during my time in Istanbul was the number of cats (kediler) that peacefully inhabited the city. Cats. were. everywhere. Before visiting Istanbul, I knew that the city had cats because I watched a documentary called Kedi that was released several years ago. However, I didn’t realize the kindness… Continue reading The Cats of Istanbul (Plus Some Dogs and a Bird Too)

Confession of a Pandemic Travel Blogger

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. It has been almost two months since my last travel blog post! But alas: Coronavirus. Upon my spring break to Singapore and Malaysia at the beginning of March, the virus started to spread outside of China. As I embarked, Chinese and South Korean tourists were not allowed into either… Continue reading Confession of a Pandemic Travel Blogger