Cirque du Soleil in Doha

The band blares,The naphtha flares,The sawdust smells,Showmen ring bells,And oh! right into the circus ringComes such a lovely, lovely thing...."Circus" by Eleanor Farjeon This past Saturday, I was able to watch the penultimate performance of Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR before the start of Ramadan. There was a circus tent set up across the canal from… Continue reading Cirque du Soleil in Doha

Three Photos from Sri Lanka

Last August, I spent seven days in Colombo, Sri Lanka exploring the city and the surrounding country. Though Sri Lanka was still developing and bore the wounds of a decades long civil war and the 2004 tsunami, I was captivated by the country's openness and hospitality towards me. I hope that the Easter Sunday tragedy… Continue reading Three Photos from Sri Lanka

Senior Pictures at Cape Kiwanda

The summer before my oldest son's senior year, my two boys (Zylan and Ronan) and I took a trip out to Portland, OR to visit my brother Francis. My brother is a freelance artist, and as a favor to me -- besides hosting my sons and me for a week -- he agreed to take… Continue reading Senior Pictures at Cape Kiwanda

Scotland Site Visit

Back before I became an expat, when I was working at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, I had the opportunity to participate in a site visit to Scotland in order to see firsthand the accommodations and resources available to students who signed up for the Experience Scotland program. During this weeklong visit, I took… Continue reading Scotland Site Visit

Symmetry and Perspective

Ever since I started photographing, I have always been interested in symmetry and perspective, so when I travel and explore new cities, my eye will naturally gravitate towards the form and balance of architecture. Additionally, for some strange reason, I am most comfortable shooting these structures face on, and sometimes craning my body upwards. Here… Continue reading Symmetry and Perspective