Random Thoughts While Invigilating an Exam

The students have 2 hours to write a 200-word essay for 40 marks. Every 5 words is worth 1 mark. A student needs to write one word every 36 seconds in order to finish exactly in 2 hours.

Cover Letter of Quiet Desperation

To Whom It Possibly Perchance May Concern: I hate writing cover letters—not the writing part, the unspoken part, the oynx elephant in the room part, the part that we don’t talk directly about like my unfulfilling relationship that slowly killed me because we got together way too young and we were staying together for the… Continue reading Cover Letter of Quiet Desperation

Friday, October 16 @ 12:47pm

Three weeks to US election. Ugh, politics. Hate arguing politics. Hate discussing politics, even with people I agree with. Possible seismic political shift. I hope a tectonic plate rises in the air and breaks the country in half and one chunk falls into the ocean. The survivors can then gather at the fault line and… Continue reading Friday, October 16 @ 12:47pm