2020 Thoughts on Batman

Maybe I am becoming older,
but I don’t think Batman 
is a very good superhero. C’mon,

a billionaire that dresses up
in high-tech armor to punch 
petty criminals and 
mentally unstable individuals?

Holy unviable vigilante 
vanity project, Batman!

Would we feel safer if Jeff Bezos 
spent his nights perched
atop a building surveying 
Seattle for street crime? 

Meanwhile, Amazon warehouse 
workers skip bathroom breaks, 
pee in Gatorade bottles
to keep up with Christmas orders.

Holy sweatshop working 
conditions, Bezos man!

Maybe when I was younger,
I enjoyed the idea of 
Batman-style vigilante-ism—or
the notion of a benevolent billionaire.

Crime could be stopped
if enough criminals were KO’d
by a rich kid who witnessed
his parents being gunned down,   

Poverty could be alleviated
by charitable missions 
concocted from caves built
underneath family manors.

Holy misdirected campaign on
crime and poverty, bat-Marxist!

Just saying, I don’t think 
Bruce Wayne is the working-class
hero that we need nowadays. 

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

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