Llama’s Sestina

[A] woman was killed this week when her pet llama, rushing to greet her, accidentally slipped on wet pavement, knocking the woman over.”

Internet, “Llama Accidentally Kills Owner in Ohio”

The woman
is home!
Was sad,
now happy!
Me run.
Rain make fur wet,

make ground wet.
Go to woman.
Me run
when she home.
Me so happy!
Not sad.

Alone me sad…
cold… wet….
Now happy
because woman
take me in home!
Me run

and run.
No sad
in home.
No wet
with woman.
Dry make me happy!

So happy
me run
to woman—
from sad-
ness, from wet-
ness, into home-

ness. In home
so much happy!
But ground wet!
Can’t stop run!
Scared, sad,
bump woman!

Please, us go in home now? Me not run
no more. Me make you happy? Sad?
Why sleep on wet ground, woman?

for DB

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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