Trust/Wait for Virus to End (a Sestina)

I must trust
and wait
the virus 
ultimately end.

Will it end?
I half-trust
pharmaceuticals to
create a vaccine, but I wait
and want an anti-virus 

the sake of normalcy—for 
an end
to the Coronavirus. 
So, we should trust
science and wait
for sound advice to

guide our policy, to
assuage our fears, for 
too much weight
is placed on tremend-
ously untrust-
worthy anti-Coronavirus 

cant. If you doubt the virus, 
it does not disappear into
the ether. Why trust
antiscience flimflam? For 
what end?
Are you wait-

Ing to get sick? Are you wait-
ing for the virus 
to end
the lives of two
million people before 
you recant your distrust?

Thus, I await a finale to
this virus before 
we upend all rational trust.

Photo by cheng feng on Unsplash

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