Two Birds and One Palinode

Go bravely
around the world 
like a bird that charts 
its own migratory path, 
sailing on undiscovered winds,
roosting on its whims

Be wary of the world
Worry about droplets
that take flight on breath— 
migrating from you to me, 
him to her,
them to us
Stay in your nest!

Confront injustice:
stand by those being attacked
Birds of a feather
must fight the predators
that wish to consume 
weak and strong alike

Accept nature’s justice:
discount the weak
Birds of a feather
must allow the predators 
to feed so that the flock 
can live another day

Young bird cries:
Save the environment, caw!
Expand basic rights to all
Focus on the workers
Caw, caw, regulate big business

Old bird cries back:
Hoot, save the economy 
Protect the status quo
Focus on job creators
let the markets regulate business
Hoot, hoot!

On second thought, I am not sure I like
the number of birds appearing in this poem.
Birds and binaries seem an odd pairing.
But, I don’t dislike the stanza on left and right
sides of the margin.

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

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