Make No Plans

If the year has taught me one thing, it is 
make no plans. For, truthfully, what am I?
Just a human looking to satisfy 
norms from an old world during this crisis.

Before, I wouldn’t give a second thought
to gathering with a group of my friends.
Now, I see this through a different lens
and avoid possible viral hotspots.

A handshake, a hug, contact with a stranger—
my instinct is now to be suspicious 
of these customs that are inauspicious,
loaded with a likelihood of danger. 

Before, I would travel without a care
my passport granted me worldwide entry.  
Now, I am confined to a lone country
and yearn for travel to cities elsewhere. 

A meal, a drink, flirting with a stranger—
pastime pursuits when I would venture
to different countries seeking adventure
in my former status of world traveler.

Before, there seemed to be a slight notion 
of consensus; you could trust expertise. 
Now, everyone has earned /reddit degrees
and traffics in wild misinformation.

A post results in bouts with a stranger
since facts are not obtained from a shared source;
thus, there is no hope of civil discourse
about perils that pose a shared danger.

If I have learned anything from this year, 
it is make no plans, for I was mostly
habits and hopes that do not remotely,
in this new epoch, help me persevere.  

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Make No Plans”

  1. Great post, the world has changed so quickly it is scary, we continue to make plans and hope we will be able to follow through but many times so far this hasnt happened. Hope you are keeping well Brianna and Iain


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