I Hate, Make America Great (Alt-Gnomic Poetry)

I Hate the one who speaks before examining. / I Hate the one who teaches knowing nothing. / I Hate a quarrelsome one: for he does not respect the holy.

Saint Kassiani, “I Hate

I hate the illegals that sneak through our border seeking a better life in this fantastic country built on stolen land from another people who weren’t able to stop our forefathers and foremothers from sneaking in. 

I hate the lazy that won’t work a minimum wage job (or two… or three) and demand things like public transportation and rent control because they don’t want to live outside of the city and commute 2 hours every day to flip my burgers and serve my coffee.

I hate the races that try to date my daughter, but it’s ok when my son brings one home because a man’s got to live a little bit and see the world and sample the smorgasbord. 

I hate those that would end a pregnancy, but I refuse to make pregnancy, childcare, or education affordable because you don’t get to end an innocent life due to the fact you made a bad decision, and I don’t mind seeing you and your innocent baby suffer in poverty. 

I hate Adam and Steve or Ellen and Eve, and now people want us to allow Adam, Steve, Ellen, and Eve! (But I do like when those Queer Eye guys come in and spruce the people like me up.) 

I hate the non-Christians who want to build their synagogues, mosques, temples, or whatchamacallit house of worships in my community. I would hate having non-Christians as my neighbor. Imagine them trying to lead a respectable life and expressing gratitude to God!

I hate atheists and agnostics who live a life unafraid of Almighty God who at any moment can express his dissatisfaction and smite them casting them in the fiery brimstone of hell for all eternity where they BBQ with the other non-believers and unbaptized. Why would they want to live in a world where such a higher power did not exist?     

I hate those that hate capitalism; the same capitalism that allowed the manufacturing plant where my father and other guys in the neighborhood worked at for 30 years to shut down, outsource their jobs to China, and cut their pension so that shareholders could see their stocks increase and the CEO could get a performance bonus.

I hate those that want to regulate businesses and keep them from bribing doctors to overprescribe super addictive opiates and flooding our communities with pills and creating junkies that hustle and steal in order to get a fix who get turned away from overcrowded rehab centers and end up in overcrowded prisons that will pay them 25 cents an hour to make McDonald’s uniforms.  

I hate those who want to protect the environment and require clean air and drinking water. If people are worried about their health, they should move to a nice subdivision far from the factories and traffic and buy bottled water or invest in a good charcoal filter.  

I hate those that hate Americans, that deride our monolingual culture and ignorance about the rest of the world as we blunder through geopolitical matters and try to flatten the world to make countries safe for McDonald’s and Starbucks and American corporate interests. 

I hate those that hate the 2nd Amendment. Come try to take the gun that I use to defend my household and that my son used to shoot himself with when his depression got out of control.

I hate PC, woke, cancel culture trying to build a more inclusive society that is kinder to the identity and the intersections and interests that comprise all individuals. What does that have to do with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? 

I hate BLM protestors. Just agitators. The real injustice was having an uppity security guard telling me that I needed to wear a mask if I wanted to shop at Costco. I told him, “O2, not C02!” Can you believe this police state that we’re living in right now?

I hate libtards and Democrats who have created all the problems and confusion during the four years when President Trump was in office stacking federal offices with his lackeys and the Republicans controlled the House and Senate exercising no oversight or adherence to their political principles. 

I hate those who think I’m old and out of touch. One day you’re young, carefree, and want to change the world. The next day you’re afraid of those that are young, concerned, and want to change the world that you helped build.

Photo by C Drying on Unsplash

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