Encrypted Eclogue between Two Michigan Militia Members

BigLoobowski: @BooGeeMan What it do? 
Heard bout your missus. How you holding up?
I told you she was crazy, nothing new.   
Still, this is not a good time for a breakup.  
Change the subject… What else is new with you?

BooGeeMan: @BigLoobowski Nothin’s up. 
Things weren’t good with Sam… Everyone could tell.
Should have dumped her when she keyed my pickup.
Being with her was like a carousel
that wouldn’t stop and kept speeding up. 

BigLoo: True, true, brotha. Sam was not well, 
but there are old matters that need tending.
This lockdown is sending the state to hell,
and there is a mask law that is pending.
The members are mad and want to rebel.

You know, that bitch guvner is not bending
to the outcry gainst the lib-spiracy.
With the libtards, it is never ending!
They hate America, freedom, family
values, and conservative tradition!   

BooGee: Tired of this lib villainy!
Wanted to get a drink the other night,
but bars were closed unnecessarily.
It’s like the dems want us to pick a fight:
they keep passing more and more tyranny!

This lockdown and mask bullshit isn’t right,
just propaganda from the Jew York Times.  
They came up with the covid hoax overnight
when the invented Trump collusion crimes
crashed, and Crazy Nancy failed to indict.  

BigLoo: We really need to change some minds
before a true economic downfall
happens and employment further declines!
The members want to storm the capital.
You ready to don your Sunday’s finest?

Boo: I am assuming the usual—
AR-15, fatigues, tactical vest?
Loo: Boo, you will be the belle of the ball!
Boo: I hope the guvner will be impressed.
It’s her attention I want, after all.

Loo: All guys will be astoundingly dressed;
the guvner will feel like the Bachelorette.
When she sees the faces of all the oppressed,
it will be a day she will not forget—
she will realize she kicked a hornet nest!   

Boo: Is there a day and a time planned yet?
Loo: Hang tight, and I will get back to you.
Boo: Ready at the drop of a hat. No sweat.
Loo: Cool.… And don’t dwell too much on Sam, Boo.
Boo: What’s happening makes me more upset.

Loo: 👍   

Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

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