Alert: Quarantine for Arrivals Extended Through December

Quarantine requirements for all arrivals 
have been extended through December. 
Citizens, residents, and certain people 
undertaking new employment may enter. 

There is a limit on those permitted to enter.  
All should coordinate closely with their sponsors,
as advance permission may be required 
in addition to quarantine and testing parameters. 

Tourists and visitors are currently not allowed to enter.

Travelers arriving from low-risk countries 
are upon arrival subject to a coronavirus test. 
They must pledge to quarantine at home for one week
and will be required to take a second analysis. 

Individuals arriving from countries not deemed low risk 
are required (less than 48 hours before traveling) 
to obtain a test from an accredited center. 
One week of home quarantine is required after coming. 

A traveler is required to hotel quarantine
if no accredited testing centers are available. 
A COVID-19 test is required at the end of that week.
If it is negative, the individual may then leave the hotel. 

Currently, the US is NOT listed as a low-risk country. 

The government of Qatar maintains
all details mentioned above are subject to change.
Please refer to the MOPH website
for any further policy interchange.

Please note that the U.S. is not able to intercede 
in specific matters of quarantine, 
entering the country in individual cases. 
and testing policies of COVID-19.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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