Subject: Online-health October (A Right-to-left Found Poem)

asks poem this of draft shorter a see to professor first the/
device stylistic this sustain could i long how

“WHO REAL؟” by Marwa Helal

light blue of Lots
screens computer from 
rhythm circadian your disrupt can 
sleep your up mess & 

& stronger you makes Sleep 
stable emotionally more 
exams for recall aids also It 

blue-blocking Consider 
lenses spectacle 
protector screen & 

setting screen alter also can You 
download & PC your on 
phone your for apps blue-blocking 

timer a is strategy final A 
you remind to 
staring been you’ve when 
enough long screen the at 

Schools Medical Harvard 
yourself exposing says 
light natural bright of lots to 
day the during 

ability your boost will 
night at sleep to 
Qatar in problem No 

Photo by Andrés Felipe Bedoya Interiano on Unsplash

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