Abecedarium of Angst

Airline vouchers amass from abandoned air travel as
Black Lives Matters battle blue brutality while
Covid-19 contaminates the world, corner to corner. I am
Disheartened by the death of democratic norms and
Educators expected to evolve online overnight and
Facebook feuds with fundamentalist friends over the
Genuine anger generated by George Floyd’s death, over
Hospitals harried by hundreds of patients, and over
Income inequality increasing because Donald 
J. Trump is just a jeering jackass. Still,
Karens will keep it all about Karen!
Languid and loveless, I am slowly losing it while 
Mandatory masks make the MAGA mob mad.
‘Nother night binging Netflix?
Or ordering unnecessary objects online? Meanwhile,
Pandemic professionals were prevented from preparing, so
Quackery quizzically quickens, and a  
Rent crisis is rearing to wreak havoc real soon–still,
Social distance six feet in all social situations! I am
Tired of tyrants and their throngs of devotees
Undervaluing the unemployed, uninsured. Will a 
Valid vaccine ever vanquish the virus?
Why can’t we wear, wait, wash? Why can’t we be
Xenodochial, not xenophobic? I am
Yearning for yesteryear or a yonder year, yet
Zero fucks left–as zillionaires zip to New Zealand.

Photo by Diomari Madulara on Unsplash

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