Subject/Verb Agreement

Instructions: Write the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence. Use the simple present tense for all sentences. The simple past does not work for this exercise. Neither does the simple future! Just stick to the SIMPLE PRESENT! Ahem, sorry. If you need to review subject/verb agreement, please visit the OWL Purdue online handout “Making Subjects and Verbs Agree.”

  1. The teacher ___ most of his time in his apartment on the 19th floor. (to spend)
  2. Several days ___ by, and the teacher hasn’t left his apartment. (to go)
  3. The teacher only ___ his apartment to go run on a treadmill in the gym on the 1st floor. (to leave)
  4. Groceries, take away, and entertainment (friends) all ___ to him. (to come)
  5. Neither the teacher nor his building friends ___ the university campus hardly ever. (to visit)
  6. Neither the teacher’s building friends nor he ___ one of the few classes that still meets on campus. (to teach)
  7. The teacher, as well as his friends, ___ the face-to-face interactions with colleagues and students on campus. (to miss)
  8. Nobody ___ when work will resume on campus like before (to know)
  9. The news ___ one thing, but the university ___ another thing. (to say)
  10. There ___ many uncertainties in this current climate. (to be)
  11. There ___ nothing that anyone can do to offer certainty. (to be)
  12. The teacher, in addition to the entire world, ___ for an answer, in the form of a vaccine. (to wait)
  13. The world eagerly ___ an answer. (to want)
  14. In the meantime, the teacher ___ his time in his apartment on the 19th floor. (to bide)
  15. The teacher ___ know when he’ll freely leave his apartment like he did before. (to do, not)

Answer Key

1. spends, 2. go, 3. leaves, 4. come, 5. visit, 6. teaches, 7. misses, 8. knows, 9. says & says, 10. are, 11. is, 12. waits, 13. wants, 14. bides, 15. does not or doesn’t

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash

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