What One Measures

What does one measure during one’s life?

calories consumed, muscles massed, fat burned
minutes meditated, breaths taken, moments without thought

classes attended, degrees earned, loan payments one has left to make
hours clocked in, promotions earned, years left until one retires

steps taken, miles logged, points accumulated
Facebook posts, Instagram likes, Twitter arguments

books read, movies watched, concerts attended
countries visited, souvenirs collected, foreign words that one can say

pleasure with partners, partners pleasured, number of times one pleasures a partner
children made, children raised, children who still talk with one

gifts received, gifts given, gifts cherished
shared laughs, shared tears, shared silence 

words said, words written, words unspoken
monologues, dialogues, polylogues

identity, intersectionality, ambiguity
with the grain, against the grain, as the grain 

empty stomachs, empty bottles, empty promises
bridges, barriers, bread lines

revolutions, evolutions, absolutions
half-truths, full truths, nothing but the truths

prayers made, prayers answered, prayers unanswered
ten thousand things, ten thousand hours, ten thousand to the ten thousandth power 

etcetera, etcetera, or etc.
words, words, or words

How does one measure during one’s life?

With notches, commas, 
or check marks 

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