“No Walk in the Park!”: the Quarantine and Figures of Speech

The following is a writing exercise about the quarantine using 20 different types of figures of speech. For an explanation of any FoS that might be unfamiliar to you, please refer to the article that inspired my exercise.

Alliteration: The quarantine quashed my quests to foreign locales for the foreseeable future.

Anaphora: I want to rail against the quarantine, I want to resume old routines, I want to participate in society again, I want to wander the world, but I also want it to be safe for everyone throughout the world.

Antithesis: The reason we quarantine is because our love for others overrides our individual selfishness.

Apostrophe: Quarantine, I regret inviting you into my home. I’ve grown weary of your company, but I’m too civil to toss you out onto your tuckus or ask you to leave. Still, I really, really wish you would go!

Assonance: Until there is a vaccine, the quarantine is my routine depriving me of much needed dopamine.

Chiasmus: We must live our lives in a quarantine so that the virus will not live its life through us.

Euphemism: It’s ok for couples to occasionally have “quarantine” time. In other words, practice bad hygiene, grow annoyed with each other’s company, and have sex because they’re bored, and there is nothing new to watch on Netflix. 

Hyperbole: The conspiracy video that you shared wasted my time more than a gazillion quarantines!

Irony: Every day during the quarantine, I make sure to get up bright and early in order to sit on my couch for the rest of the day.  

Litotes: The quarantine is no walk in the park!

Metaphor: The quarantine is an hourglass with its covers removed that keeps getting filled with more sand from the top. 

Metonymy: Bat soup spread around the world forcing country after country to shut down their borders and impose varying levels of quarantine. 

Onomatopoeia: The whirring of central air is the only constant noise as I pitter-patter throughout my quarantine day in my apartment hushed of sounds from the hibernating city.   

Oxymoron: Regrettably, the president believes a quick quarantine is sufficient to deal with the health crisis of the pandemic. 

Paradox: The quarantine paradox: I am the least productive when I have the most free time in my life.

Personification: The arrow-tailed quarantine tempted me with copious leisure time but stole from me a public life as part of its Faustian bargain!

Pun: When I start drinking at noon, I say that it is quarantini time.

Simile: Because of this quarantine, I feel like one of those goldfish in a cramped fishbowl that you win at the carnival. 

Synecdoche: There were few stepping, strolling, or striding feet on the city streets because of the quarantine.

Understatement: Yeah, my life has slowed a wee bit during the quarantine. I spent most of the day working on this writing exercise.

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

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