One Year with My Huawei P30 Pro: A Photo Retrospective

It has been about a year since I purchased my Huawei P30 Pro. A year ago, I was in the market for a new phone but was more interested in a device that could serve as my back up camera, so I was mostly looking for a top of the line camera in a phone. At the time, Huawei had just released its newest flagship phone with a 40-megapixel camera coupled with a Leica lens. After watching many reviews of the phone and its camera, the consensus seemed that the camera was mostly equal to the camera in Apple’s latest iPhone and, in some respects, better–particularly the P30’s night mode shooting capabilities.

Prior to my Huawei, I had been an HTC guy. My last several phones were HTC because I felt that their phones were stylish and durable. However, HTC hadn’t released a premier phone that year, so I had to look askew for my phone/camera needs. I wasn’t interested in drinking the iPhone Kool Aid, and Samsung phones never really appealed to me. Therefore, I decided to take a chance on the Chinese phone company, even though I was aware of the rumors that it could be turned into a surveillance devices by the CPC, because of its Leica lens!

So, I bought my P30, loaded the Snapseed app onto it, and have been happily using it and exploring its capabilities for the past year. The battery on the phone is superb, and I have been quite happy with the shooting and editing capabilities of the phone. My photography preference is still shooting with my Fujifilm X100F, but for everyday shots and for uploading to social media, in the parlance of young people, my P30 is my main.

The following are selection of photos shot over the past year on my P30 and edited with Snapseed. Enjoy.

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