Lost Vietnam Photos and Photo Settings

During this past summer, while back in the US, I bought my Fujifilm X100F. I was long overdue for a new camera, and my Samsung NX300 had finally died after six years of use. Since owning my new camera, I have traveled to Brazil, Lebanon, and Vietnam. But, during these trips, I have been trying to get the hang of my new camera.

While I am quite pleased with my X100F, sometimes I bump a button and screw up the camera setting. For example, when I was shooting in Hoi An, Vietnam, I accidentally changed the standard setting to a softer shooting setting that only saved my images as JPEGs and not RAW files.

Then when I was in Hue, Vietnam, I wanted to shoot in the Acros black and white setting, but when I converted my RAW files to DNG files so that I could edit them in Lightroom, they were in color!

Having some time on my hands—and resolving to do more with the thousands of pictures that I have taken during my travels the past three year—I have located my lost photos from Hoi An and restored the lost photo settings of some shots from Hue.

Enjoy these throwback travel photos.

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