The Achiever

The Achiever, also called Three, is a personality type focused on accomplishments and success. Their identities are attached to their achievements. They achieve in order to receive external validation, which feeds their need to feel worthy. That is at the core of this personality type

Have been maintaining the workout regimen put in place since the beginning of the semester. Six days a week. Three days weights and running. Three days just running. Sixth day a long run. Seventh day a rest day.

Done a good job with my diet. Smoothie in the morning. Vegetarian as much as possible. Trying to avoid eating out or delivery. It’s expensive and heavy in calories. Would like to fit into some dress pants in my closet again. 

Made preparations for my upcoming trips. Booked my Airbnb for Beruit using my phone while waiting at the dentist. Ordered my visa for Vietnam via the website while at work. Will plan Vietnam trip more after coming back from Lebanon.

My proposal for the QU conference was accepted. Double checked my CV to make sure there was an entry for the presentations. It’s still highlighted yellow. When the session is actually completed, will un-highlight it.

Received a parking ticket for parking on the street. Tried to complain at the traffic department. The police captain was not sympathetic. Paid the parking ticket. Emailed building management. Received a ground parking spot at the building.

Had potatoes and cauliflower that needed to be cooked. Watched Youtube videos on different mashed potato cooking techniques. Mashed the potatoes through a metal colander. Minced the cauliflower in my food processor. Added some melted butter. Mixed. Ate some of the mixture with lentils. Froze the excess.

Organized my plastic containers. Threw out the containers missing lids and lids missing containers.

Had a long morning, so groomed and trimmed my plants. The seeds you gave me are growing nicely in my windowsill. Will go outside later to collect sand in order to repot a cactus.

Transferred money back to the US. Waited a couple days for the money to show up in my account. Paid off my credit cards. Made my October student loan payment early. Spent a few minutes looking at the zero balances in my Mint app. Five more student loan payments left!

[The] constant need to perform can be exhausting. We all need to be able to lower our guard every once in a while, and turn ‘off.’ Try telling that to a Three. The compulsion to achieve is so deeply ingrained in their personas, that they don’t know how to be anything else.

Video chatted with a friend. He mentioned how he and his wife were financially compatible. Looked up an article on finances and relationships. Problems occur when one partner is very conscientious about their finances and the other is more cavalier about debt. Yep.

Have been going to the dentist on a weekly basis this semester. The dentist has been filling in erosions within some of my teeth. Feels nice to run my tongue over my teeth and not feel sharp rifts in the enamel where my gums have receded.

Talked with my youngest son. Not much going on with him. He didn’t go to the homecoming dance. My oldest son is AWOL. Sent him a message. Will see if he responds.

Not able to make it to my friend’s birthday party because of a prior commitment. However, she asked me to DJ. Will put together a Spotify playlist of music for her. Have been adding songs to the list for the past week and listening to it while working out.

Not sure what I want to do for my birthday this year. Maybe host a dinner party. Maybe meet at the Doha Golf Club for dinner and drinks. Maybe just have a seafood dinner by myself. 

Knew that hoarding is a compulsive behavior but wondered if there was such a thing as animal hoarding. Did some research. Yes, it is. 

Passed back the grades for the first assessment in my business English course. Some students were not happy with their marks. However, must have gotten better at redirecting their complaints. Was able to handle their displeasure without too things getting too heated.

Chatted with a friend on Facebook messenger. She encouraged me to take the Enneagram test to figure out my personality type. Took the test. My personality is Type 3: the Achiever. She wasn’t surprised.

Still miss you. You never responded to my email. Don’t know if you ever picked up your stuff that I left at your friend’s place. Still, being single is easy for me. Able to get quite a bit more done.

Hosted movie night. Made a pot roast casserole for the attendees. Watched two movies. Had everything picked up and put away before going to bed. Ran the dishwasher while I slept.

Happy with the décor in my home. However, if my contract is renewed, will buy a Turkish lamp for my living room. Also, might get majlis covers for the mattresses in the guest bedroom. 

Problems can start when Threes confuse real happiness with the image they’re trying to project to the world. When they have a ‘good’ job, and an ‘attractive’ partner, they may be willing to fool themselves into believing that they are happy, even if they’re not, just to maintain the façade. Most successful Threes seem happy enough on the outside, but deep inside, there’s a void that can’t be filled by the successful image they try so hard to maintain.

The World Counts, “Enneagram Type Three: The Achiever or Performer”
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

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