What’s on My Mind

This is the third year of my three-year contract at Qatar University, so I am up for renewal. If I am renewed, I can be present for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

I can almost count on one hand the number of student loan payments that I have left to make. 

I have to chip in for my boys to participate in my family’s destination Christmas to Barcelona. I can’t go because the timing does not work out with my spring semester schedule.

When my youngest son graduates this year, this will be the last month that I will make child support payments. I also need to put aside money for his senior pictures, graduation party, and graduation present.

Once I make my last child support payment, I will consider all my US debts to be paid off. My finances will finally be out of the red.

After my fourth year in Doha, my furnishing allowance is forgiven, and I will own all my apartment furniture outright.

I will have paid off my Qatar car loan by the next summer.  

My oldest son is having difficulties adulting. I need to do my best to help him find his path. Who knows how long he will continue floundering and how much this might cost me? 

I plan on visiting Vietnam this winter break. This is my opportunity to see the homeland of my mother.  This upcoming spring break I will visit Singapore and Malaysia. And this summer break I will travel to South Africa and Namibia to visit a friend.

Before I turn 50, I want to visit 50 countries. I have visited 15 countries so far. I need to speed things up to complete this goal.

I have to work nine more years in the US, and my Social Security benefits will be locked in. If I retire at 70, my benefits will at their maximum. 

I am waiting for the recession to kick in and the stock market to take a nosedive. Once it does, I will start investing. This will help me supplement my income once I retire.

If Trump is reelected, I will lose all faith in American society and probably not return to the US. I will need to find a suitable country to buy property and emigrate to.

Most days my hip hurts after standing and walking all day. I plan on getting this checked out soon, but there’s no telling what type of medical procedure I might need or how this might impact my mobility for the rest of my life. 

You said that I broke your heart. For that I am sorry. However, I turn 43 this year and will neither entertain the prospect of having more children nor committing myself to someone drowning in debt. 

Better to be alone for the rest of my life than to be sucked back into financial peril because of an erratic lover.

When I die, I hope that I suddenly drop dead. No drawn-out illness, no hospital care, no medical debt for my family. Just one moment I’m alive and the next moment I’m dead.

If I had my way, I would work until the day I die, then divide up my possessions and financial resources evenly between my two boys.

When I die, don’t hold an expensive ceremony for me. Just cremate me and spread my ashes over Lake Mendota in Madison, WI.

The only other things that I want out of this life are to see my sons get good jobs, get married, and have healthy children. If these three things were to happen, this would efface all the hardships and regrets that I’ve experienced.

Everything else, at this point, is just value added to my life.

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