Contingencies for Ugly Situations

I just completed the first week of my third academic year in Qatar, and things seem to be off to a good start. I don’t teach until 2pm, and this past week I awoke at 5am every day. So, during my ample morning free time, I have been working out at the gym in my building, taking care of my apartment chores, and running any necessary errands during morning business hours.

Other than being productive, I haven’t done anything too notable or bloggable this week, so I have been pondering most of the day about what to write. There is nothing burning that I want to write about, but I must keep to my weekly blogging regimen.

Therefore, in order to inspire myself, I pulled out the Wordsmith Deck of writing prompts that I ordered when I was back in the US, hoping that I might draw a card with a prompt that would spark my imagination.

“If you weren’t concerned with what other people thought, what would you like to be doing with your life?” Nope. Not interested in imagining alternate realities right now. Next.

“Describe your earliest memory.” Nope. Don’t feel like diving to the bottom of my past. What other prompts are there?

“When do you feel happiest?” Ugh, that’s easy: when I’m traveling and taking pictures! Why did I buy these cards if I am going to resist the prompts?

Alas, the prompts in the Wordsmith Deck didn’t kindle any writing ideas, but I did start thinking about the deck itself and what kind of card deck I would create and market. Writing prompts don’t seem like a very fruitful avenue; after all, instead of buying the Wordsmith Deck, I could have easily googled writing prompts and found countless prompts on the internet.

So, what type of motivational deck would I create? I reflected for little bit and thought about contingencies. I would create a deck of prompts that stimulated people into thinking about plans for scenarios they might not normally think about or accept.

Most of the time, when I encounter a situation in life, I like to imagine the worst possibility and how I might proceed in that prospect. Often times things aren’t that bad, but I like having a contingency plan for the worst case scenario.

Thus, for this week’s blog post, I crafted 10 prompts that would help a person formulate plans for dealing with some ugly situations that could occur in every day life. And, who knows, maybe in the future I’ll develop more prompts for a deck that I can one day sell to worrywarts and morbid thinkers, like me.

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