My Days in Taiwan (Part 3)

you had better not appear –
you, superfluous moon
the sky already is too crowded

truth is I’d rather be alone
on the nightest night
the night without a star
looking at you looking at me
we don’t really exist


everything can and cannot be seen
on a night like this
what I’m touching is not you –
I can almost feel
– is that your spirit

and everything is uncertain
today, tomorrow, the next instant
do they exist

do the night and the soul really exist


so it’s best like this, I’d rather
think of you this way
you, a single-horned
blue moon, an impossible

so you’d better not appear
you’d better appear
on the most night night

Search” Chen Yuhong

Note: The pictures in this post are from my days in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung. I recently figured out how to save my pictures as RAW files in the Pro camera setting and as smaller JPEGs in the other camera settings. The larger RAW files allow me more editing and conversion capabalities; thus, this batch of photos is sharper than the photos that I previously took on this trip.

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