My Days in Taiwan (Part 1)

Located off the southeastern coast of China, Taiwan is about the same size as Belgium and was named Formosa Island by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century due to its stunning natural beauty. […] Due to its historical mixture of influences, Taiwan has its own distinct culture.

“23 reasons why you should book your next trip to Taiwan,” Business Insider

The following pictures are from day one and two of my trip to Taiwan. Part of my motivation for visiting the country is to spend time with my friends Amanda and Simon whom I have known since grad school. They are returning to the US for good in June, so this my last opportunity to visit them in Taiwan — Simon’s home country.

This is my first trip without my Samsung NX100 camera! It went kaputz about a month ago, which prompted me to invest in a Huawei P30 Pro phone for its top-of-the-line camera. During this trip, I have been learning about the capabilities of my phone’s camera and the photo-editing app Snapseed. This is a different photography routine than I developed and utilized on my previous travels.

Before, I would shoot on my Samsung, pull out the memory card, and edit the images using Lightroom on my laptop. Now, I have been shooting my pictures on my phone, editing the images on my phone, and uploading the images from the cloud. I am still working out the kinks of this new process.

While I have been impressed with the images on phone and when I upload them to Instagram, I notice aspects of the image that I am unhappy with when viewing them on my computer. This is likely due to the image being more compressed on my phone and possible some conversion setting I haven’t discovered in the app.

Still, I have the original image files, so if I ever need to edit the photos again, I can always return back to the old ways.

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