An Expat Lenten Calendar

Over last couple days, I have been thinking about different genres of writing. After the recent mass shooting tragedy in New Zealand, I spent some time exploring the genre and history of the manifesto, which led me to an interesting article in The Atlantic entitled “Manifestos: A Manifesto”. Subsequently, I toyed with the idea of writing my own traveler’s or nomad’s manifesto for a blog post. However, having spending spent barely two years of my life living abroad, I was afraid my more travelled friends and family might question the ethos of my edicts. So, I am shelving the idea for now.

Instead, my curiosity has instead fixated on the idea of the Lenten calendar, especially more recent calendars based around environmental or social justice theme. For example, this year one of my Facebook friends shared a “Less Plastic for Lent” calendar. And, my further internet queries led me to a similar eco-minded calendar, “The Lenten Caring for Creation Calendar.”

While exploring Lenten calendars centered around other topics, I came across an example that incorporated more good deeds into its timetable (see LINK) and gave me further food for thought.
As a result of my descent down the rabbit hole of Lenten calendars, I wanted to create my own calendar based around the idea of improving and adding meaning to the life of an expat. However, before I proceed, a couple quick caveats.
First, I am culturally Catholic but not a practicing Catholic. Second, I did some quick searches on Lenten calendars and did not spend ample time reading deeply nor widely about the rich history and traditions of Lent. Thus, aside from following the dates of Lent in 2019, there are no overt expressions of religion or faith in my Expat Lenten Calendar and its creation is foremost an exercise in genre writing and self-improvement, so I hope no one takes offense at what I have created as I believe it is in keeping with the spirit of its inspirations. 
Here it is! (Please feel free to download or adapt the document as you see fit; here are the Word file and PDF.)

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