Travel Photos and the Deep Dream Generator

For over a week, I have been busy with my sons who are visiting me in Doha. Still, during the downtime that I have had, in the morning before they both wake up and get ready or after coming home at the end of the day, I have been playing around with the Deep Dream Generator which I just learned about. Basically, the program allows you to upload a photo and then select an art style (either predetermined or one you upload) that it will use to embellish your photo. So for this week’s blog post, I thought I would share some of the results of my experimenting with Deep Dream. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Travel Photos and the Deep Dream Generator”

  1. Hello Conan,Thank you so much for creating this blog. I am from Chicago and recently accepted a position in the SuccessZone with the English Department at Qatar University, and ever since I applied I have been enjoying your blog. It has been helpful, comforting, and enjoyable to hear about your experiences and see all of your creative images and concepts for each post. Hope to meet you, and thank you again.


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