Experimenting with Adobe Lightroom

As many teachers know, at the end of the semester, when one has stacks upon stacks of exam or papers to grade, any task besides grading becomes considerable more interesting—cooking meals, shopping online, folding laundry, watering plants, calling distant family members, etc. Currently, I have been distracting myself by listening to a Zayn playlist, experimenting with Adobe Lightroom, and editing photos that I have taken using my phone.

When I have some more time this summer, I hope to organize and edit my photos in a more comprehensive manner, but for now and for this week’s blog post, I thought that I would share my foray into photo editing. Enjoy the creative fruits of my procrastination.

Black and White

Museum of Islamic Art at Night
Education City Ceremonial Park Hallway 
Film City (Zukreat)
Oryx Enclosure (Zukreat)
Sultan Qaboos Mosque at Night
City Center from Hotel Park at Sunset


Qarnivale Drummer in the Qanat Quartier
Lusail Marina
Amusement Village

Soft Focus

Lusail Overpass Bridge
Night Market


Hassan II Mosque
Education City Mosque
Hamad International Airport People Mover
City Center from Hotel Park at Sunset
“East-West/West-East” Richard Serra


Omanis with One of their Camel
Cats with Manners Performing
Reflection of Turkan
Dodge Challenger in Lusail
Dodge Challenger in Lusail


“East-West/West-East” Richard Serra

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