Memo with Recommended Goals before Turning 50

To: Conan Kmiecik

From: Moirai Consultancy, LLC

Date: 28 April 2018

Subject: Recommended Goals before Turning 50

By 22 November 2026, pending good health and avoidance of accidents, the client (Conan Kmiecik) will reach his fifth decade of life. The client, now in his fourth decade of life, has contracted the services of this consultancy in order to establish actionable goals for the interim between his fourth and fifth decade of life. This memo presents the recommendations of the consultancy team assigned to the client’s appraisal.

Recommended Goals

  • Finish Teaching in Doha, Qatar – The client is now in the first year of a three-year teaching contract for a university in Doha, Qatar. He has expressed a willingness to renew his contract once and is quite amendable to the idea of living in Doha during the 2022 World Cup. There are many fiscal and personal benefits to the client’s current employment arrangement, but he recognizes that his ambitions necessitate him leaving the comforts of his current situation for new professional opportunities and challenges elsewhere at a later date—which leads into the next recommended goals.
  • Teach in Two Other Foreign Countries – According to the happiness assessment that the client completed during his preliminary consultation, the factors that contribute the most to his happiness and personal satisfaction are meaningful work and regular travel opportunities. These two items have a high probability of being realized when teaching in a new foreign country. Therefore, it is recommended that the client strive to teach in two more foreign countries before his fifth decade. The client has expressed an interest in teaching and living in South Korea and Brazil, both suitable choices.
  • Become an English Language Fellow – English language teachers (who are US citizens) can increase their status within the English language education field by serving as an English Language Fellow through the US State Department. The client has conveyed that he is very interested in pursuing a stint as an EL Fellow and that three of his colleagues (whom he is secretly jealous of) have served in this program. EL Fellows are given teaching assignments for 9-10 months in countries around the world. This fellowship experience would look good on his CV and could easily help with the previous recommended goal and the next recommended goal.
  • Visit 50 Countries – Pursuant to the client’s enjoyment of travel and interest in photography and travel writing, it is highly recommended that he endeavor to visit 50 different countries by the fifth decade of his life. Not only does this sum serve as a symbolic number, but it is an achievable target. The client only needs to visit 5+ new countries each year. Currently, the number of countries that he has visited stands at 8 countries with 2 more countries scheduled for visits this year. The client will have reached 1/5 of the target goal by 2019 and could easily visit a large number of countries if he were to take an extended backpacking trip in Europe during a winter break in the next several years.
  • Pay off Student Loan Debt – The client spent 11 years in higher education and has accrued “modest” student loan debt. He has doubled the amount of his monthly loan payments and should have the balance paid off by the end of his third year teaching in Doha. Paying off his student loan debt would end his indentureship to the US student loan system and provide the client with both financial and spiritual emancipation from predacious US capitalism.
  • Build Up Personal Savings – The client has expressed an interest in not living paycheck to paycheck, and by excising all his debt and not having to pay federal and state taxes because he lives outside of the US, he will have more exploitable income. To that end, it is recommended that he put more money aside in his personal savings. A modest sum of savings would provide him with the peace of mind that he seeks, but regardless of what he puts aside, he will receive one month’s salary for every year of service at the end of his teaching contract in Doha.
  • Put Away Money for Retirement – Although the client has said that he plans “on working up until the day that he dies,” in the estimation of the consultancy, this does not seem a likely scenario. While the client may pass on prior to retiring due to an unforeseen medical issue or accident, given his current health and lifestyle, it is likely that he will reach the age of retirement and need to retire from work at some point in his lifetime. Therefore, it is recommended that the client put away more money for retirement and that he considers retiring in a foreign country with inexpensive living costs, good living standards, and decent healthcare.

These seven goals represent the recommendations of the consultancy based upon appraisal and dialogues with the client. By pursuing them before his fifth decade of life, it is believed that the client will spend his interim time in a more meaningful manner.

In addition, the consultancy advises the client to consider the likelihood of the following and the accompanying nascent contingency plans:

  • Romantic Entanglements – All of the recommended goals are easily achievable on the client’s current trajectory, if he avoids the distraction of romantic entanglements and the ensuing emotional fallout when they do not pan out. Given the client’s track record with relationships and the diminishing probability of him finding a suitable partner, the consultancy advises him to eschew romantic considerations for the foreseeable future. Although the consultancy acknowledges that “the heart wants what the heart wants,” it cannot guarantee that the client will achieve most or any of the recommended goals should he become emotionally vulnerable again.
  • Becoming a Grandfather – There is the possibility that one or both of the client’s sons will fall in love and/or father a child within the next decade. If this should happen, the client should figure out the best way to partake in the joys of being a grandfather while living outside of the country where his children and grandchild(ren) reside. The client has stated that he prefers if his sons graduate from college, find a job, fall in love, get married, and then have children (in this prescribed order). However, the client is aware that his sons may circumvent his wishes.
  • The Demise of Friends and Family Members – As the client becomes older, so does his circle of friends and family members. The client should attempt to make all within his circle feel loved and appreciated by him on a regular basis. It is the opinion of the consultancy that there is no guarantee of a tomorrow, and the client acknowledges this belief.

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