Most Delicious Things that I Have Eaten in Doha (So Far!)

Normally, I try to write a blog post once every week. However, my friend Linda asked me to write about the food that I have eaten while I have been here, so here is an additional post for this week, in the form of a listicle, that recounts some of the delicious things that I have eaten in Doha. If you follow me on Instagram, you will likely have seen many of the pictures that I share here. Enjoy!

Chicken Sharawma

In Doha, it is quite easy to find restaurants that specialize in chicken sharawma. My first meal in the city was at Mr. Sharawma. But, instead of shaved meat in a bread wrap, the meat was served over basmati rice. Even better!

Sharawrice from Mr. Sharawma

Biryani Rice

Though I love a good chicken sharawma, my go to meal, when I’m starving, has been biryani rice. The restaurant in my hotel serves chicken or fish biryani (I’ve ordered both) and will deliver the meal to my room. The meal costs me 30-45 riyals, or around $10-15 USD. However, if I’m feeling ambitious and want to save money, I will walk to a nearby Indian restaurant and order the chicken biryani for 10 riyals, or around $3 USD. Also, I have discovered readymade rice packets that I can warm up and eat when I’m hungry and don’t feel like ordering room service or walking in the Doha heat. The packets cost 6 riyals, or around $2 USD.

Chicken biryani delivered to my room while I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones Season 7.
Chicken biryani that cost me 10 riyals
Veg biryani that I can warm up and eat


I think I complained a bit about all the bread that I was given when I first moved into my hotel. Once I ate or used all of my initial provisions, I wasn’t planning on buying any more bread. But then I went shopping at Carrefour and promptly stocked up on more varieties of bread. A bag of fresh Arabic bread (pitas) is 1 riyal, or $.30 USD! French baguettes are 3 riyals, or $1 USD. And butter croissants are more expensive at 14.25 riyals, or around $4 USD, but they are so worth the extra money. Sometimes I will skip dinner and just eat a couple croissants.

Carb heaven! (If you look closely, you can see where the bag boy folded my baguette. I wasn’t pleased.)


When I was shopping at Carrefour, I discovered hummus in a can. However, eating hummus in a can compared to eating hummus served freshly made is like the difference between canned tuna and tuna steak cooked to order. One evening, I went out with some colleagues to Al Mourjan, and I order ordered hummus with beef, and this was one of the best meals that I ate in my short time in Doha. Anyone who visits me in Doha will have to eat this meal.

A six pack of hummus
A pretty simple meal
Sorry that the picture of the hummus is so saturated red. (The hummus with beef is underneath my colleague’s pack of cigarettes.)
These delicious mini pitas were served fresh with the hummus with beef.

Asian Cuisine

In the short time that I’ve been in Doha, I have eaten Indian, Filipino, and Thai food. There is a Chinese restaurant in my hotel; sushi is available around the city; and I have driven by a Korean restaurant. However, I haven’t sampled the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean food in Doha yet!

Beef Curry Curry (I asked the server in the Filipino restaurant what locals ordered, and this is what she recommended.)
Pad Thai
Mangos with sticky rice

Arabic Cuisine

Of course I’ve tried Arabic food since moving to Doha!

Home-cooked Moroccan couscous with lamb
Arabic buffet meal provided by the Foundation Program English Department
Some Arabic desserts offered during new faculty orientation
Complimentary Karak tea served in the lobby of my hotel. I get a small cup each morning.

Exotic Snacks

One of the things that I love about shopping in Doha is all the exotic snacks that I can sample. I try to be adventurous and open to new flavor combinations.

Of the different flavors, the caramel Kit Kats are my favorite.
The Madras Mixture and Masala Peas were the best.
I still need to finish the can of Egyptian Recipe Fava Beans before I can make a decision.


Apparently, Nando’s is a big chain in Europe. I believe that the menu is Portuguese. Regardless, I heard that Kanye West always ordered Nando’s when he was in the UK, so when I saw a restaurant in the City Center Mall, I had to try it out. The chicken was indeed delicious, and I bought two bottles of the hot sauce for my cooking experiments. I would describe the sauces as milder versions of Buffalo sauce.

Butterfly chicken breasts
Perri-peri sauces

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